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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bitch is finally back after months of silent ass-kicking. I can't believe I left my blog for almost 3/tres/three months! WOOAAHH. Been busy making lives miserable and noses bleeding so here I am again, aren't you happy? :p

Let's spill it, the RANDOM way! ~~~~~

*We went to Botolan yesterday along with the SPG of the elementary department, teachers and social workers to give away ggods and clothes. The Botolan river was pure perfection! But really, the people there were really in need, it will take them a long time to start all over again but I hope they will be fine.

*You know what's the hardest part fo giving away donations? It's the packing up and segregating of clothes and things. Imagine 1000+ noodles being boxed. [Tapos may nagdonate pa ng T-back... San pa kayo? Haha.

*We graduated and were given ranks in our COLT. I don't really care what I will get as long as it would be a no-sweat position. I don't really care about that *insert word here* CAT. Oo, bitter ako dun. Haha. Anyway, I gpt a position closer to what I aspired for, 1st Bn S-2! Woo. Just the same as the G-2 I wanted in the first place and I'm happier I got it because I am in the same Batallion with Yap&&Ong [S-3 and S-1 respectively]!
*I took the UPCAT. wtf. It was hard because of the time pressure. The Language Proficiency, Science and Reading Comprehension Part but the Math part, it was hell! All I saw was circles and I have almost 15 blanks. Binalikan ko na lang tapos hinulaan ko na lang, A or B lang sagot ko. Wew, anyways... I know I won't pass! You know what I came to my mind after the test? -- Goodbye Oblation Run... HAHAHA.
*I was not able to get an ACET Application Form. Hay. Zeny said that even though I passed the Ateneo I won't be able to go there because they can't afford to send me there... So sad. So I decided not to take the test. Goodbye Ateneo. I also didn't take the test for FEU even though it's free for the Top 5 graduates of our Junior Year. Sabi ko nga kay Seleena: "Wala akong pake kahit libre pa yan. 'Cause I know in my heart, even if I passed, I don't belong there. Never was, never will." Haha. Ang taray. Pero ayoko talaga dun.
*5 years na rin ba ung BS Pharmacy? I still can't decide what course to put on my USTET Application Form. I've already made up my mind on my second choice [which is BS Chemistry] course but I don't know what to put on my first priority. BS Pharmacy, Psychology or MedTech? Waa. Help!
*I think I'm not doing good in school anymore... I'm failing na. 'Bat ganun? All I think about are college applications and stuff. I need to keep up with my academics!
This entry is getting long and my fingers are already numb... So, 'till next time... :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The title isn't something related to this post. LSS lang. And it really makes me laugh my crazy laugh when I hear Ely say "grahaaaaeds". :)
So many DVDs to watch but so laaame DVDPlayer. Bili niyo ako bago! :
Anyway, I finally decided to enrol in the UPlink review class. Good thing I joined 'cause I'm really having a fun time in it, plus the fact that we're excused in the COLT training. While inside an air conditioned room, my co-trainees are in the raging heat of the sun doing marchings, makes me want to scream 'die with envy!' Pero my drawbacks rin... Whatever. Oh well, you may be the best man but I'm telling you, I'm the best bitch. :D Yun yun e.

Ayaw lumayo sa pizzaaa! [Maputi paren ako!

Ate Yam w/ the UPlinkers.
Si Kuya U2. :)

Para daw Chris Tiu sa malayo. Ang mabait na si Sir DS!

Kunware daw nagkaklase pero may kinakain. Haha. :)
Here are some pics during the UPlink. Weee. Sa monday si Ms. Jimah naman. :)
Puro Kat&&Kho everywhere. It's making me sick.
Ge pala, 'till next time! :)

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been staying in our house for 5 whole days without going out and showing my face to the public. I'm sure my friends/classmates are in the same state. After our Math Camp ended, there's been no news about future galas, well except for those who've been attending the summer journalism class [Hi Doms&&Gen!].
Recently, and because I am getting afraid I might end up eating my siblings alive, I've been reading a lot of stuff to update my terrible vocab and refresh my rotting memory. Napapansin ko lang na I'm getting lame when it comes to writing. Or maybe I'm not really that good in blogging as in journalism and writing features articles. Basta magbabasa na lang muna ako ng magbabasa. Whatever, right?
Tapos last week I got addicted to Fullmetal Alchemist na naman. I watched the whole thing in 1 1/2 days, non-stop. Nakaka-amaze kasi e. Feel ko bumabalik ako sa Chemistry Class namin. Tas ang kyut pa ni Mustang! Hahaha. Bagay sila ni Lust. Hayy. Oh well, papanuorin ko ulit mamaya! XD
Sino bang sasali dito sa UPlink? Tinatamad na ako... Amahal pa.
Anyway, andami naming pics! Hays. Kaya in-update ko na naman ang aking Multiply dahil wala na memory PC. awuawu. So yeah, punta kayo Multiply ko para masaya!
Bye-bye for now. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nakakapanibago ba pag sa Ateneo mag-aaral? La lang, natatawa lang kasi ako kay Levi. Kausap ko kasi siya kanina, ayun. In-update niya ako sa buhay niya ngayon. Langyang loko yun... Magbagong buhay ka na! Haha.
Anyways, c a n c e l l e d na yung Yes! Camp sa Baguio. Asar, I've already told my parents about it. Our trip to Tagaytay was moved on to the last week of May because of my schedule. Hay. Excited pa naman kami. Dahil walang budget ang skul which is 5k per head for that Baguio Thing, di na kami makakapunta... Hayy. Well, I might as well join our school's Math Summer Camp na lang... Pero di ko alam. Nakakatamad na rin e. Tamad talaga.
Alam niyo yung If You Seek Amy? Langyang Britney yan. Mga bata sa kalye kinakanta yun... Profane!
Oh well, updated na naman ako. Wee. Ulan pa! :))

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer summer summer. It's the time of the year when birds are chirping, you are relaxing and having a total self-pampering. As for me, it's totally the opposite of it. Hayyyyyy. While we're having our Training, we're also attending other workshops, camps and the like.
*I did not attend the Summer Journ Workshop I've attended for the past 4 summers just because I'm so tired and lazy. Tired because it teaches almost the same thing each summer. Lazy because I don't want to kill myself even though our SPA told us it was mandatory. Like, hello... Pagod na pagod na sa umaga tas didiretso pa dun ng hapon. Baka makatulog pa kami dun e.
*We'll be going to Baguio on Sunday! So who's going to be on the Yes Camp here, huh? IAnd because I am the elected Treasurer of our SSG, I am obligated to be there... Pera e. Haha. It'll be for 5 days so until Friday. Excited na ako, I might pack my bagages later. Atat! Haha. Goodbye Summer Olongapo Heat for a while... Yehey.
Yesterday was Arriane's, Abvie's and Tita Nanette's Bertday. I was invited to all three celebrations. Pati ba naman sa mga bertdays, hectic pa rin ba? :) Went first to Arriane's. 2:30 ako umalis sa bahay. Usapan sa tapat daw ng JLJ, pero as usual, ako lagi nauuna kaya wala pang tao. So diretso sa bahay nila Arriane. Ayun, di pa rin siya ayos nun. Nag-antay tas punta na sa JLJ. Nagulat kami sa suot ni Seleena, kala mo pupunta sa Awards' Night e. Tapos si Yap naman first time walang bitbit na bag. Ayun. Lakas ng ulan. Punta istarbaks. Ordered Java Chip. Picture picture. Tapos dinaanan namin sina Doms, Gen & Ely sa Mini Stop. Grabe anlakas na ng ulan nun at baha na rin. Mga 1 hour bago kami nakarating kela Abvie kasi anlakas nga ng ulan at di na namin alam san kami sasakay. Pero nakarating naman kahit ilang dagat ang tinawid namin para makarating lang dun. 8:30 na ako nakauwi nun. Masaya naman. :))

Basura sa utak,
sunburn sa batok at noo. Nagmamartsang parang gago,
sa ilalim ng araw.
Baril na kahoy pinapaikut-ikot,
parang langaw.

Yoko by The Eraserheads.

Astig nung song. Akmang akma. Haha. 'Till next time. :)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't know what's wrong with me but... Sinisipag na ako mag-blog... Effect ba 'to ng training? Before the training and way back when I was young, when someone would make me do something or when I feel that someone would ask for my help, I would find something else to do or pretend that I am busy enough to not hear any request. Ah, poor lazy kid. Pero ngayon, ket ako iutos saken, sinusunod ko naman. And without hesitations, dude! Sumisipag na kaya ako? Wow, achievement ah. This might be the start of a more-productive career ahead of me. Nakan naman. :)

For the past weeks...

We've been all over the net!
Kapal e. La lang. Joke ko lang yan. Dahil wala na akong intro na maisip. So... Here are some of my favorite pictures for the past weeks during Via Crusis PracticesTrainingVia Crusis and Random Moments.

Ze bitches.


Tingin muna sa cam.

Kunware in-abduct daw kami ni Aga.

Mukang aso si D. Nakashades pa daw si M.
Nasan ba tayo neto, Aryan?

Ambilis naman namin mag-age. Muka pa kaming bata dito. Haha.

Uhm. Wala ako masabi.

L to R: L, Pol, Arian, Ako, Seleena, Dan && Vonn.

Ayos ba?

Charlie! Nawawala yung isang angel a.

'Bam bam bi dam bam bam di dam dam'
Nakatunganga or Pose?

Playing 123 Pass w/ Jermaine! :)

*Next time na lang yung pics na naka-costume na. Hehe. Grabe, ang itim ko na. As in. Well, I think. Sabi nila, maputi pa rin naman daw. I swear that after the training I will devote myself to skin whitening, pure pampering and hell yeah endless sleeping hours!
'Till next time. Au revoir! :))

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